Earth Boring, Drilling,
Excavation & Earthmoving

The Earthboring Company provides a wide range of experience and expertise in constructing bored piers used for construction.

Our 40 years experience has seen us complete numerous commercial, industrial and domestic projects incorporating bored piers. Our experience and reputation has enabled us to complete bored pier foundation systems for large buildings, bridges, signs, fencing, lighting, shade sail structures, retaining walls and holes for propping tilt up panels. The Earthboring Company has also been involved in additional foundation works such as the excavation of pile caps and footing systems.

We have the capacity to drill and cast bored piles in varied drilling conditions, utilising truck, tractor, crane and excavator mounted drill rigs with various combinations, giving the Earthboring Company the flexibility to drill to depths of 6000mm with standard setup or increased depths when extensions are used./p>

As the equipment used for drilling occupies relatively small footprints, it is easily manoeuvrable and can be floated onto site and brought into production with ease, especially for tight access drilling. One of our advantages is the use of our Polecat with an ability to drill to depths of 6m with an overhead clearance as small as 4m. Deeper depths are achievable when extensions are used. Hole size capability ranges from 150mm to 1200mm and under-reaming to 2000mm with depths up to 8m.

The Earthboring Company has the experience and expertise for drilling in a wide range of geological conditions.