our people

SA Earthworks recognises that its people are the building blocks of its success. From creating local parks to building roadways and site construction, our people are proudly providing safe, innovative solutions that are responsive to customer requirements and the community. Working with SA Earthworks means making a real contribution.

For over 40 years, SA Earthworks (incorporating Earthboring Company) has been operating in South Australia, developing a strong and loyal workforce built on rock solid foundations that offers significant growth in the future.

SA Earthworks has family values at the heart of its operation. We know that our people are our greatest asset and our long term success relies on a quality team who believe in their work and feel passionate about the company they represent. Investing and working with each individual to help them develop their full potential is an important part of the SA Earthworks ethos.

Our clients enjoy a cooperative, unquestioning approach to doing business. Our winning record in the market place is hinged on the maintenance of family values that has made us successful in the first place. We have earned a reputation for excellence, innovation and integrity for which we are very proud. SA Earthworks and its employees have long enjoyed the respect of the industry and the community.

Our teams and departments are deliberately created using small groups of people. This system of ‘Teams within Teams’ encourages learning through the sharing of knowledge and experience, often facilitated by designated ‘Coaches’. We pride ourselves on listening to and acting on the work aspirations of our people and work with them to develop their career. This helps each individual grow, and increases their long term opportunities within the company.

Today, SA Earthworks and its team of committed professionals continue to win major contracts and set new benchmarks in civil construction, earth management and project delivery. With a clear direction and strategy, SA Earthworks is the obvious informed choice for people who want maximum career satisfaction.