Civil Construction & Engineering Surveyors

Experience and precision come together to provide an exceptional customer experience.

SA Earthworks has the scope of over 20 years practical experience combined with the latest resources and technology. The result is leading edge solutions that are guaranteed for its customers and the wider community.

As part of its range of strategic tools and equipment, SA Earthworks recognises the critical role that quality information and the capability to deliver customised, dimensionally accurate surveying data to the customer can provide.

Our qualified team of field service professionals ensure we reliably determine the precise specifications at the outset and clearly communicate these to the customer. This ensures we can verify and resolve any practical issues well before they become a problem during the life of the project.

Effective communication is a key part of our construction and engineering goals and translates into all areas of our business practice.

Construction and Engineering Surveying

No matter the size or scope of the project required, our approach is always the same. SA Earthworks demonstrates a commitment to excellence, value-for-money and on-time completion guarantees with all its project management demands.

SA Earthworks provides services in the following areas:

  • Securing the primary site and boundary control including topographic surveys.
  • Establishment of grid setout for initial bulk earthworks including above and under-ground services.
  • Provision of construction grid setout including building and kerb/road lines, pile/footings, hold down bolts, columns, lift over-run pits, slabs, lift shafts, retaining, block-work and precast walls.
  • Setout of engineering/architectural design co-ordinates.
  • Setout of special structural features.
  • As-built surveys designed to digitally consolidate and align new engineering/architectural design specifications to existing structures to reduce unnecessary delays during fabrication and construction.
  • As-built surveys to establish location and mapping of as-built above and under-ground services.
  • Net-lettable and tenancy area surveys
  • Building fascia surveys
  • Volume surveys

Civil Works

SA Earthworks has been a trusted provider of civil construction since its inception.

We take care of the technology and construction detail while you focus on your core business requirements. We are available at your convenience to discuss your specific needs with regard to any project no matter how big or small.

SA Earthworks’ customer solutions carry on time and on budget completion guarantees. Using the extensive skills and experience of our fully trained and qualified staff, we are able to manage your projects from concept to successful completion.

Safety is the cornerstone of our service record and we take pride in transforming your project needs into practical realities. Our experienced services include:

  • Transforming architectural and engineering designs with precision accuracy onto site.
  • Provision of setout work for stormwater, mains and sewerage infrastructure.
  • Provision of setout work for road construction and associated bridgeworks.
  • Utilising the latest surveying technology to determine as-built sewerage and mains water compliant with SA Water Standards.
  • Earthworks volume calculations.
  • Dimensionally accurate deformation surveys.
  • Digital onsite verification of road and pavement section, plan and elevation.
  • Field verification for development of accurate as-built drawings.
  • Measured building surveys including cross-section and long-section plots.
  • Detailed quality control/assurance reports.
  • Digital specifications tailored to individual customer formats.

Topographic Surveys

SA Earthworks’ topographic surveys determine the absolute placement of natural and man-made features of the land. From basic to full 3D quality precision, our qualified field staff measure to any level of architectural and engineering detail.

In accordance with our exceptional customer experience philosophy, all topographical data is tailored to suit each customer’s requirements. This ensures that information is informative and provided in an easy-to-comprehend format.

SA Earthworks understands the increasingly complex nature of keeping projects on schedule. As a result, our professional team provides the flexibility to anticipate changes in scope and dimension within its surveying practices.

Our topographic surveys offer:

  • Accurate determination of horizontal, vertical and preliminary boundary control.
  • Quality 2D & 3D dimensional detail.
  • Full digital appraisal and verification of distances, angles and elevations including water-flow, drainage and construction/building features.
  • Precision mapping of proposed and as-built above and under-ground services.
  • Onsite consolidation and alignment of engineering and architectural specifications.
  • Digital overlay mapping expertise using customised AutoCAD® software to improve project visualisation and minimise construction and fabrication delays.

Computer Aided Drafting

SA Earthworks supports the customer experience with a range of specialty visualisation packages that transform the ordinary into an accurately scaled virtual reality of the completed construction or required topographical information.

Whether it is a traditional 2D scaled drawing or critical 3D dimensional construction or alignment work that is required, SA Earthworks has the skills and expertise to get the job done.

Using up-to-date CAD software and associated digital surveying equipment and information, our team can be on site processing engineering, architectural or other professional specifications to extreme precision and downloading the data using laptops for emailing or immediate access by the customer. This enables easy analysis and development of existing data that can be verified and delivered in almost any digital format.


SA Earthworks specialises in all facets of instrumentation measurement both on the factory floor and in the field. Our extensive experience in carrying out industrial machinery maintenance has made us one of Adelaide’s leading industry providers.

Our services include:

  • Roller, shaft and kiln alignments Vessel circumference surveys
  • Machine set up and offsets
  • Quality control and deformation monitoring.

SA Earthworks understand the heavy cost of equipment failure and production downtime. As well as using absolute industry standard instrumentation measurement, SA Earthworks ensures verification and monitoring of all its topographical, construction and engineering specifications.