vision and values

"What we say, we do"


We create value for our customers by first understanding their needs, delivering on their requirements and then exceeding their expectations.

We provide extraordinary opportunities for employees by attracting capable, enthusiastic people who receive training and experience in an enjoyable work environment that is safe, respectful and challenging.

We develop strong partnering relationships that are mutually beneficial and deliver value and resources that are tangible to our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

We consider it a privilege to work within the different communities and environments where we maintain safe work sites, ensure minimum disruptions, protect the environment, and support community organisations.


SA Earthworks conducts its business with openness, professionalism and integrity.


SA Earthworks is an ethically led company that measures its performance by the following values:

  • SA Earthworks puts its people first.
  • SA Earthworks embraces a work culture that strives for excellence.
  • SA Earthworks describes itself as a group of people with a shared mission, and not an entity in its own right.
  • SA Earthworks believes that when its customers are happy then the rest of its business will take care of itself.
  • SA Earthworks recognises that honesty and openness are paramount to its success in the industry.
  • SA Earthworks has an ongoing commitment to maintaining excellent workplace conditions.
  • SA Earthworks believes that people within the company should look out for customers and one another, always looking for opportunities to serve.
  • SA Earthworks recognises that accountability for failure as well as success is important to its business.
  • Failure is accepted where responsibility is embraced and lessons are learnt.
  • SA Earthworks values trust as a vital part of its company ethics. A promise made is a promise kept.